7 ways to obtain a new smile without drilling teeth
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  1. Hygiene_ Meticulous brushing and flossing twice a day
  2. Bleaching_ Home bleaching with custom-made silicon trays combined with 1 or 2 ultra-boost in-office sessions. This combinated bleaching sequence is a fully non-invasive treatment, therefore regularly suggested as ideal start-off for quite every restorative therapy. For more insight on our price list and treatment modalities see : https://www.dental-aesthetics.gr/faq/faqs-general/?lang=en
  1. Composite veneers_State-of-the-art composites with outstanding mechanical and optical properties can be built-up in layers, thus providing dramatic yet natural smile designs . For our before-after photos see here: https://www.dental-aesthetics.gr/portfolio-types/resin-veneers/?lang=en
  2. Ceramic veneers_ High-end, Cad/Cam ceramic veneers (e-max by Ivoclar) provide phenomenal strength and natural looks. For our before-after photos see here: https://www.dental-aesthetics.gr/portfolio-types/porcelain-veneers/?lang=en
  3. No cut&drill dentistry_ State-of-the-art, completely non-invasive, full-mouth rehabilitation with bonded onlays on the posterior teeth and 360 veneers on the front. Materials of choice: composites (Asteria by Tokuyama Inc, Japan, Accolade by Danville USA) and ceramics (Emax by Ivoclar Inc, USA). For more see here https://www.dental-aesthetics.gr/services/new-smile/?lang=en
  4. Orthodontic treatment_ New braces or Invisalign splints can help reduce conventional times and provide fully non-invasive and secure outcomes.
  5. Implants_ Brand new implants and minimal invasive techniques are proven to be less traumatic and with far less discomfort as compared to tooth extraction and root canal treatment! For more insight upon our implant services see: https://www.dental-aesthetics.gr/services/implants/?lang=en