As demonstrated by numerous documented studies, success rates for immediate implant loading are as high as with conventional loading (90-95%). These studies accomodate a high number of fully edentulous patients (i.e. non-dentate), who underwent implant therapy with same-day protocols; namely extraction of all teeth, simultaneous placement of fixtures in post-extraction sockets and loading of implants with same-day provisional screw-retained fixed prosthesis followed by delivery of definitive restoration within 7-10 days

Prerequisites for predictable immediate loading are

  • Uncompromised medical history
  • Excellent primary stability of implants at site (insertion torque)
  • Favourable occlusal forces
  • No indication of para-function (i.e bruxism)
  • Meticulous curetting of lesions (i.e. cysts) in post-extraction sockets
  • Sufficient post-extraction bone volume (>2mm)
  • Sufficient zone of attached gingiva

Advantages of Immediate loading

  • Faster procedure as compared to conventional loading
  • Favourable healing of soft tissues around the fixed prosthesis
  • Gum height and outline maintained significantly better as compared to conventional loading
  • Considerably minimal to moderate symptoms (i.e. pain-swelling)

Disadvantages of Immediate Loading

  • Technically sensitive treatment
  • Additional expenses

If not all aforementioned indications occur, immediate loading can still be implemented with some suitable modifications such as simultaneous gum/bony enchancement and/or placement of more implants and solely delivery of provisional fixed prostheses, that should remain 2-4 months before advancing to the definitive restorations.