Dr. Papadiotis Evanggelos

Dentist - Prosthodontist

Dr Papadiotis is specialised in fixed prosthodontics, aesthetic dentistry and dental implants. He has been qualified with the Degree Of Dental Medicine at the University of Athens and attended post-graduate curricula in Switzerland



Aesthetics and functionality, reliability and confidence.

Located in the north of Athens Greece, Dental Aesthetics Athens is a high-end dental practice limited to fixed prosthodontics and dental implants.


Personalisation Accuracy Precision Efficiency

We aim life-changing reconstructions, that should fully restore function and aesthetics. With 1K full-mouth rehabilitations, we take pride in delivering reconstructions that consistently exceed expectations

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    Cleaning and mini bleaching

    From 150€ - 1 session

    Advance payment from 30€


    From 500€ - 1-2 sessions

    Advance payment from 100€


    Teeth whitening: Direct & With Safety

    Teeth whitening achieves a radiant smile that exudes health and beauty, which gives confidence and youthfulness. A bright smile is considered charming and has a positive effect on our psychology, but also in all areas of our social and professional life.

    "Chemical" whitening involves changing the colour of natural teeth and is considered a non-invasive treatment, without any effect on the structural strength of the teeth and the general health of the body.

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    In Aesthetics, as in Nature, Beauty is identified with Harmony.Aesthetic requirements have increased in recent years and it is the responsibility of the dentist to analyze the expectations of his patients and synthesize them into an impressive final result, which will be harmoniously integrated with the rest of the face. The overall treatment of the dental patient is essential for a perfect result and is a basic principle of our practice.


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