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We Deliver What We Promise

With more than 1K successful full mouth rehabilitations and over 4K partial rehabilitations, we take pride in proving that we consistently deliver life-changing reconstructions, that fully restore function and aesthetics.

  • Our main principles comprise the synergy of oral health, function and harmony.
  • Minimal invasiveness & non-invasiveness – New biomaterials with sophisticated biomimetic properties can restore teeth deformities in a fully non-invasive, evidence-based approach.
  • Customization – As not two smiles are identical, neither can be two prosthetic/restorative treatments. We exclusively tailor-design treatments for our patients.
  • Systemization – We consistently update our systematic procedures to secure optimum results.
  • Precision – Prosthetic and restorative treatments fulfil all success criteria and exceed expectations.
  • Updated protocols are exclusively applied.
  • Occlusal stability is maintained and temporomandibular disorders (TMJs) are promptly detected and treated.

Aesthetics value emotions and emotionalizes values