Complete prosthetic reconstruction with 360 veneers and implants

Complete prosthetic reconstruction with 360 veneers and implants

Male patient presented requesting bite capability be restored.

Examination revealed multiple decay issues having resulted in excessive tooth loss at the posterior segments. Bite was severely affected as no posterior teeth remained.

Strategic placement of implants was decided to help support fixed prostheses (crowns/bridges). Front teeth were cleaned from carries and restored with state-of-the-art full-coverage porcelain veneers – Emax by Ivoclar

Custom made prosthetic components were screwed in implants and combined screw-retained/cemented prostheses were fabricated to minimize interface between implants and supra-structures (crowns). Such a configuration has solid documentation and is proven to help promote longevity of prostheses

360 tooth supported veneers require minimal reduction of teeth. 1 mm is enough on incisors’ edges whereas a 0,5 mm is enough on the front surfaces to help fabrication of bright yet natural-looking ceramics.

Some teeth had grey substrate and were considered a challenge to mask yet provide a uniform shade across the upper and lower jaw.

Design and milling of monolithic e-max cores was done with a full digital setup based on state-of-the-art TRIOS intra-oral scanner and CNC milling machines