FAQs General

What is your price-list?

An indicative list of fees follows

  • Implant (incl. surgery and cover screw) _ 750-1000 euros per unit
  • Zirconia crown _ 600-700 euros per unit
  • E-max ceramic veneer _ 400-500 euros per unit
  • Synthetic-Resin Veneer_ 100-300 euros per unit
  • Aesthetic & Facial Analysis_ 250-500 euros

Finances are precisely communicated after treatment planning is completed (DSDesign & Aesthetic Facial Analysis)

Why should I trust you?

Most noteworthly, our patients don’t have to take a leap of faith, because they can see and trial the intended dentition! Through our specific workflow they can see their future reconstruction on pre-and-post photos of their smile (Digital Smile Design by Yoshinaga&Coachman). Moreover the new smile can be safely transfered and replicated on their teeth by means of a resin prototype (mockup). So, they can live-preview it and even interact accordingly, before any tooth preparations are applied.

Confidence is gained by the way of results. As implemented in our expertise, our systematic procedures offer predictability and long-term success. We are committed that each patient experience both functional optimization and aesthetic enhancement in every session progressively. And this is a mission, we can accomplish.

Why should I invest in the Aesthetic&Facial Analysis?

On treating large segments or on full-mouth reconstructions, Aesthetic&Facial Analysis provides extrapolation of accurate treatment planning, thus costs and fees can be forseen with accuracy. Moreover, the entire analysis concludes upon the minimum number of teeth or implants to support the intended reconstruction. Hence, accurately designing of treatment plan along with precise estimate are facilitated.

In case of not reaching an agreement, patient’s investment is not wasted. Any restorative dentist-prosthodontist can use the data as extrapolated by facial analysis and proceed with the therapy.

Moreover, Aesthetic Analysis provides physical visualization and try-in of the intended restorations. It navigates fabrication of prostheses, that precisely match with individual scheme of function, occlusion and aesthetics.

What is the least invasive aesthetic enhancement for intact teeth?

If tooth-color issues are only be addressed, bleaching techniques can best serve this purpose, as they are totally safe. Moreover, non-invasive bonded ceramic/synthetic-resin restorations (veneers-onlays) can also be considered. They provide supreme aesthetics, durability and maintain tooth structure.

Can I back off from the treatment plan any time I wish, and to what expense? Any penalty fees?

Our cancellation policy is on any-of-the-two parts’ demand and is active anytime without penalty fees or large initial downpayments.