FAQs on How To Get A New Smile

How do i safely get my dream smile done?

We can give you our expert advice, as to what seems not pleasing about your smile. Oftentimes, colour is not the only issue to be addressed.

Using specific technology and analyzing anatomic morphology of your face- and smile lines, we can design your new smile and show that to you on photos and mockup (learn more:Aesthetic and Facial Analysis – Digital Smile Design). We can assess your aesthetic demands and tailor a treatment plan, that should be best for your needs.

What are the benefits of aesthetic dentistry?

Dental Aesthetic enhancement provides dramatic and natural smile with unrivalled privileges to our self-confidence, as we can see our teeth, the way they looked back in our youth.

We can function (chew) better by having excellent occlusion and our new smile can dramatically improve our social and personal life. Aesthetic Dentistry is proven to be Emotional Dentistry, as it triggers sentiments and emotions directly connected to our self-esteem.

How much does it cost to get my dream-smile?

Like with all services, a proper diagnosis must precede treatment plan and corresponding financial estimate. Smile enhancement usually engages different kinds of therapies such as gum reshaping, bleaching, veneers, prosthodontics, orthodontics etc.

Our main task is to choose among mostly conservative treatment modalities, that would be as mostly cost-effective, as they can be to our patients. You can send closeup photos from your dentition to our e-mail coupled with complementary data (x-rays etc), if available, and be entitled to receive a free-of-charge diagnosis (Learn more: New Patients). Most noteworthy, investing in your oral health and appearence is a life-changing upgrade.

How many appointments to reach my dream-smile makeover?

It cannot be overemphasized, that our patients regurarly experience gradual enhancement progressively throughout their visits. Unless complicated procedures are involved, in the majority of cases dramatic results can occur within some visits. So, oftentimes between your expectations and reality stand only few appointments.