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We are proud to inform our patients of our new high-end acquisition, that facilitates and ensures truly painless dental anaesthesia.


Outdated methods of dental anaesthesia (eg injections with wide needles) are associated with pain, numbness and phobia due to the abrupt expansion of gums upon infusion.


New electronic device for dental anaesthesia, Quick Sleeper by Dental Hi Tec Inc (made in France), painlessly scouts and injects in customised fashion all within the course of few seconds.


Electronic anaesthesia is a ground-breaking game-changer in the field of everyday dentistry with high acceptance among all patients and especially among the phobic.


As of now, dental treatments should be considered easy and fully painless because they can consistently be applied under site-specific anaesthesia all without its drawbacks.


Quick Sleeper comes join our high-end equipment in order to help us provide our patients with even higher-quality services in the fields of Prosthodontics, Aesthetic Dentistry, Dental Implants and Gnathology (Management of TMJ Disorders).