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Quick Sleeper 5 | Painless Electronic Anaesthesia

We are glad to announce the acquisition of Quick Sleeper 5, by Dental Hi Tec Inc, France. Quick Sleeper 5, is a super sophisticated device for dental electronic anaesthesia, that is fully accredited with CE and FDA certificates and permits

With Quick Sleeper electronic anaesthesia, our patients can

  • – experience truly painless anaesthesia
  • – tackle their dental phobias
  • – feel secure with their treatments; prior and during appointments
  • – enjoy their time in practice
  • – sense no numbness

Despite Quick Sleeper’s high acquisition expenditure , no extra fees are applied or integrated to help our patients enjoy all benefits of truly painless anaesthesia

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Quick Sleeper 5 Promotional Video

QuickSleeper Intraosseous anaesthesia

QuickSleeper Intraosseous anaesthesia