Monolithic porcelain veneers with micro-layering

50-year-old patient with severe orthodontic problems (crooked teeth) and malocclusion (tightening and grinding of her teeth).

Due to clenching and grinding, her teeth had significantly abraded and shortened, causing serious aesthetic problems.

Patient requested to improve the appearance of her mouth.

Case was assessed as high-risk and of high-demands as there was peril of porcelain fractures and potential issues with the temporomandibular joints.

Careful raise of vertical dimension  was initially performed using bonded resins (mock-up) to help gain prosthetic space without drilling teeth.

At second phase long-term temporary restorations replaced bonded mock up.

Partial coverage restorations as well as full coverage veneers were chosen as treatment plan dictated.

Teeth were not drilled and state-of-the-art porcelain restorations were bonded using a strict protocol (use of dental isolation).

Monolithic emax restorations were used with micro-layering to provide both strength and aesthetics.

Shade was Bleach1