Composite veneers to correct jaw protrusion

Correction of jaw protrusion with orthodontic treatment, composite veneers (front) and zirconia bridges (posterior)

Male patient, 40, was referred after orthodontic treatment (braces). Major request was to have his remaining disharmony corrected. Ortho treatment addressed jaw protrusion yet remaining issues called for additional shape and color correction

Aesthetic analysis revealed unsatisfactory length of upper front and yellowish shade of teeth both upper and lower. Functional analysis concluded upon stable tooth contacts, which had to be retained

DSD was followed and specific instructions were given to our partner ceramist to add wax on patient’s models all to attain nice smile curve and discreet tooth exposure at rest (1.00 mm)

Mockup was fabricated from his intended scheme of aesthetics and transferred to his untouched teeth with the aid of super-accurate replicated stents and flowable composites. Patient remained with his simulated dentition for 3 days to help assess his new reconstruction aesthetic-wise. Small adjustments were made upon his re-entry and final shape and position was mutually agreed upon and finalized with super-accurate impressions Composite veneers were fabricated for both the upper and lower front. Color enhancement was obtained using extra bright composite shades in thin layers.

Old posterior bridges were removed and replaced with state-of-the-art monolithic zirconia bridges