Smile rehabilitation in 2 appointments with composite veneers and zirconia

Female patient 33. Chief expectation was to have a smile rehabilitation as natural as possible. Colour and shape enhancement were major requests as well. 360 composite veneers were decided upon as to address this case. 360 veneers are a full tooth coverage technique, meaning teeth are completely augmented both at the outer part and the inner To attain our task meticulous aesthetic and functional evaluation were executed through photographs and intra oral scanning with state-of-the-art Trios 3Shape digital scanner For shape analysis and re-designing of smile dental-specific CAD software was used.

Transfer of new smile was executed with precise prototypes so as to navigate seating and bonding of 360 veneers. Bleach shades of extra hard composites were used to enhance colour. Teeth were quite not drilled. Only sandblasting (powder pumice) was used to clean and roughen the teeth surfaces. Failed PFM bridge on the upper left canine and the lateral insicor was removed and replaced with a zirconia 2 unit bridge same colour to the neighbouring composite veneers