Dramatic Smiles Are Our Business

Dramatic Smiles Are Our Business


We have been designing and delivering full mouth rehabilitations for 20 years.Almost 1000 rehabilitations have so far been successfully completed and we are keeping up every day with new assignments

With our combined digital and analogue workflows, we can offer consistently top notch reconstructions.

We integrate minimal invasiveness alongside with unparalleled dramatic yet natural looks.

With the aid of ultra thin veneers and onlays we practically restore smiles either with no reduction or with minimal tooth preparation.

Systematic monitoring of treatment stages ensures 100% success of our makeovers

We continuously update our systematic procedures to help establish solid documentation of the treatment phases.

Smile Makeovers – Our Workflow & Monitoring Procedures

  • Specific diagnostics workflow – 3 sessions to complete treatment planning, imaging and presentation of the intended treatment and the alternatives
  • Digital Smile Design – Preview on before and after photos with calibrated metrics and 95% estimated acceptance
  • Functional analysis in ideal anatomic posture to design even tooth contacts
  • Opening the vertical dimension to facilitate additive-treatment-only with hardly any tooth drilling
  • Tooth Bleaching– a proven fully non-invasive best treatment-launch standpoint
  • Photographic documentation of all stages with professional DSLRs
  • Guided placement of implants
  • Guided fabrication of prosthetic restorations
  • 3 sets of final impressions and occlusal registrations. If not 2 out of 3 match , impressions are re done
  • Composite prototypes – verification jigs
  • Radiographic verification of the seating of the restorations on their correspondent implant bases
  • Use of multi-unit abutments and Ti-base abutments to both eliminate gaps and to protect implants from being compromised by their correspondent over-structures