Teeth Whitening

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A bright smile is mostly noticed and captures… attention and glances of awe among people. A white smile implies health, youth and sex-appeal. The easiest and most economical enhancement of our smile starts with a chair-sidel bleaching appointment and continues at home with splints soaked with the whitening agent.

From the very first appointment the outcome is obvious to the patient. The final result is an ensured enhancement of minimum 3 to maximun 12 grades in the scale of white color shades.

Cases Before & After

Internal bleaching is a whitening method, which is only performed in endodontically treated (non-vital) teeth. Oftentimes a tooth that has not properly been treated (non-diligent root canal therapy) carries oxidixed residues of its pulp (nerve) ,therefore giving the tooth a grey or black colour. The most conservative solution to such problems is the internal whitening, by which a bleaching agent is applied inside the tooth chamber and is active for some days. Usually the colour recovers completeley. However, if the result is not ideal, the treatment can be repeated safely once or twice.